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What is DS3 Composer?


DS3 Composer is a cloud storage enabler that allows you to build your own cloud storage service in minutes, with complete control over data, infrastructure, and costs.

  • Data geo-distribution: data is encrypted, fragmented, and replicated across each Swarm. You get hyper-resilient storage, safe from downtime in one or multiple locations. You can geo-fence the area (i.e., cities) where data is stored, addressing nations’ specific laws and checking all the compliance boxes (e.g., GDPR, ISO).
  • Multi-tenancy: Cubbit DS3 is fully multi-tenant. Each Tenant can be managed by a different set of operators, who ultimately control all storage resources, configuration, users, and policies.
  • Zero-knowledge: to get total privacy, an administrator can enable zero knowledge so that only users access their data.

What is an operator?

Operators of DS3 Composer are the admins (or super users) of the system. They have total control or limited permissions, such as reading reports. Additionally, they can create new Tenants and Swarms and configure and manage them and their resources.

What is a Tenant?

A Tenant is the collection of users, projects, and policies with a dedicated UI and ancillary services managed by one or more operators. There is no limit to the number of Tenants an operator can create.

Tenant overview

What is a Swarm?

A Swarm is a collection of nodes that, in aggregate, form a unique storage system. Data within a Swarm are stored as shards, distributed, and replicated according to configured settings. The structure of each Swarm is highly adaptable, spanning from simple flat topologies to intricate multi-layer and multi-site configurations, enhancing data durability, distribution, and infrastructure resilience, even in configurations limited to a few sites or data centres.

What is a Swarm node?

Swarm nodes are the building blocks of the Swarm, varying in size and performance to collectively contribute to the Swarm's capacity. Nodes can be physical (servers, NAS systems, etc) or virtual (virtual machines, containers, etc). Each node houses a lightweight containerised agent, demanding minimal RAM and CPU resources.

What is a DS3 Gateway?

A DS3 gateway is a DS3 access point. It is installed in a virtual or physical server and performs all network transfers, encryption, and data protection operations, including sending and retrieving data to/from Swarms. Users have the option to utilise public gateways or deploy their own. The shared cache optimises system performance and, if deployed to a shared storage location, is accessible by gateways within the same gateway pool. Supported protocols for the cache include S3 (public cloud).

Gateway overview