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Cubbit DS3 is a peer-to-peer distributed network where each node is connected to multiple others, with a central hub — the Coordinator — optimizing the network and making it increasingly faster and more efficient with time. The intelligence of the coordinator combined with the power of distribution is what makes Cubbit one of a kind: a geo-distributed cloud object storage that provides superior security, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

The architecture of Cubbit DS3 revolves around three entities: the Agent, the Coordinator, and the SDK.

The Agent is a small piece of software enabling a Cubbit storage node within Cubbit’s peer-to-peer network. It runs inside the Cubbit Cell.

The Coordinator is a set of centralized microservices designed to coordinate and optimize the Swarm.

The Cubbit SDK is a collection of tools and resources that developers can use to build software applications on top of Cubbit. It interacts with the Agent, the Coordinator, and Cubbit's S3 Gateway to enable Cubbit's S3-compatible cloud object storage.