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Synology Hyper Backup


First, you need to get your access key and secret key, from the Cubbit web app. Please follow these instructions on how to get started with a Cubbit account and generate these keys. Then make sure to have Admin privileges on the Synology.


To install Synology Hyper Backup you can proceed directly from the Synology Package Center.


Open Hyper Backup, click on the plus button and choose Data backup task:

  • Select S3 Storage as Cloud Service and click Next
  • In the S3 Server dropdown choose Custom Server URL
  • In Server address type (the signature can either be V2 or V4)
  • Copy access key and secret key in the respective fields
  • Use an existing bucket or create a new one
  • Click next to select the folders to backup
  • Click next again to select the applications to backup

Image 1

In the next window, it's possible to set up the Backup Settings like the backup name, schedule, encryption and multipart size.

Image 2

And finally, on the last setting page, it's possible to enable and edit the backup rotation.

Image 3


Once you configured Synology Hyper Backup, you can start a new backup by clicking the Backup now button, while to restore, you have to click on the Restore button next to the blue plus button, choose Data and select the backup to recover from the list.

Image 4

For additional information about Synology Hyper Backup please visit the official documentation page.