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Create your first project

What is a Project

Projects are in Cubbit the main entities associated with buckets and objects. Each user cannot do anything with a simple account, to use the service at least a project is needed.


Every account can create multiple projects and each of them will receive free space in the network.

Multiple accounts can join the same project and collaborate on the resources associated with it. The user that creates the project is considered the owner of it and will be named the root user of the project. He will always be able to perform every action over the project's resources.

Root users can collaborate over specific resources not owned by them if they have been granted access to the resource via ACL (Access Control List).


Every account that has joined the project, even if is not the root user, can access the project's resources and all the resources to which the root user has granted access.

Create your first Project

  1. Sign-in with your credentials No project view
  2. By pressing the button in the sidebar or in the main view you will be redirected to the project creation page Project creation page
  3. Insert the project name and press submit

    The name can be updated later and is not unique, so you can have multiple projects with the same name associated with your account.


    The endpoint gateway field cannot be edited and will be enabled in the next future.

  4. Now that you have created the first project you can start using it on the console web or using a third-party client
  5. By opening the project settings it's possible to retrieve the project references or to update the project name Project settings

    Project id and email can be used as references in the ACL (Access Control List) to grant access to the root user of the project and all the other members.


    The project email cannot be used to send or receive email. It is an autogenerated reference to easily share a project identifier with other users.

Enjoy the console