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Create API keys

Access keys are a pair of unique credentials that are used for authentication through the Cubbit S3-compatible API.

This access key pair is required for connecting to Cubbit through third-party clients, CLI tools, or any other interaction using the Cubbit S3-compatible API.


If you haven't created your first project yet, you can do it now.

Create your first project.

  1. Sign in with the Cubbit Console and select the project you would like to work on Navigate to the "Access key" menu item create access keys

  2. Click on the "Create access key" button show api key

  3. Download the CSV and keep it safe

  4. Show the "Secret key"

  5. Copy and paste it into your client settings. This is the only moment you have to see this key


    Rename the key using a specific name to easily remember what it is associated to.

  6. You can always rename the access key a second time by clicking on the button displayed inline. create access keys


You can generate as many keys as you want.


An API key will be already present in the list. This is because also the web client needs access to let you interact easily with your buckets and object.

This key is securely stored in your session and it will automatically be re-generated after each sign-in.